Master of Engineering
SCLM Supply Chain and Logistics Management

The M.Sc. graduates in Supply Chain and Logistics Management will be able to contribute positively to the management of organisation within its global supply chain.  The program is designed for the further development of people who want to work in logistics and supply chain engineering and management in manufacturing and service organisations.  This course is suitable for those with work experience as well as those with little or no background in business. Participants can have a wide range of academic qualifications.

We will provide you with the tools and techniques to evaluate, manage and improve service, operational and supply chain processes and conduct market analysis. You will gain the knowledge on how to evaluate and manage appropriate enabling technologies and use enterprise resource planning systems in order to improve the operational functions of a business. You will also develop a wide knowledge on strategy development and design.

Once finishing the required coursework modules, candidates for the M.Eng. and M.Sc. awards must undertake an industrial-oriented project which must be reported in the form of a thesis. For Supply Chain and Logistics Management, the project can be related to a number of different industrial sectors and can address many different aspects of logistics management.


Academic Plan - SCLM

Candidates for the M.Eng./M.Sc. awards must attend a minimum of 12 modules (equivalent to 24 credits) and undertake an industrial-oriented project which must be reported in the form of a dissertation.

Each module is usually conducted over a period of five days – Saturday, Sunday, and then Friday, Saturday, Sunday of the following week. It consists of 40-45 hours of intensive lectures, tutorials, seminar, case studies, or laboratory activities.


Degree Requirements

In order to qualify for graduation, a candidate must satisfy the assessment requirements of both Chulalongkorn and Warwick Universities:

  • Complete 12 modules (or more, if necessary).
  • Chulalongkorn University: Combined GPA of 3.00 and satisfactory thesis.
  • Warwick University: Satisfy PMA scores (at least 50%) in at least 9 modules and satisfy dissertation score (at least 50%).
  • Module “SCM” and “LOM” must be passed at least 50%.
  • Comply with module requirements.
  • The thesis title must be in the domains of managing supply chain or logistics.


Module Requirements

Candidates must attend a minimum of 12 modules under the following conditions:

– 11 Compulsory Modules (either in our Centre or overseas partner Centres)

– 1 Elective Modules (choose from any of numerous WMG modules, either in our Centre or overseas partner Certres)

Students, who were enrolled before July 2016, to study 14 modules (8 cores and 6 electives).

See the current modules currently available in our center.


The details of the option based on WMG and CU requirements are explained in this document