CUSE/WMG Dissertation Oral Defense Examination


Final Dissertation Submission Procedures

Following Chulalongkorn University Graduate School Regulations:

  • Thesis oral defense examination time and date must be arranged with CUSE Programme Office at least 2 weeks before the intended thesis oral defense examination date.
  • Thesis oral defense examination date should be at least 2-3 weeks before WMG dissertation submission deadline in order to allow time for post-exam thesis corrections.
  • Three to four copies (depending on the number of thesis examination committee members) of unbound Thesis Draft (held sturdily by black metal binder clips or put in brown envelopes or cardboard boxes) should be submitted to CUSE Programme Office at least 1 week before CUSE thesis oral defense examination date for distribution to the thesis examination committee members.
  • Names of thesis examination committee members and thesis oral defense examination time and date should be shown clearly in front of Thesis Draft.

Following University of Warwick Regulations:

  • Final Dissertation, with corrections made as suggested by CUSE thesis examination committee at the thesis oral defense examination –  together with your completed pro-forma, should then be submitted online to WMG website by you, the student.  The pro-forma, downloadable from WMG website, is also useful as a reminder of the minimum requirements for the Final Dissertation.
  • WMG deadline for thesis submission must be strictly observed to satisfy University of Warwick degree requirements. Penalties will be applied for late submission at a rate of 3 (three) marks per day late.
  • Once Final Dissertation is submitted, no further corrections may be made.
  • Two bound hard copies of the final thesis (thermal binding or spiral binding) – with the completed pro-forma bound in front – must also be submitted to CUSE Programme Office by the same day as the online dissertation submission date. Ring-binding is not acceptable for the Final Dissertation.
  • As a formality, CUSE Programme Office will arrange a formal WMG oral examination date within one month of Final Dissertation submission.

Submission of Complete Thesis to Chulalongkorn University:

  • Follow the thesis process as instructed by Integrated Thesis & Research Management System (iThesis) managed by Graduate School, Chulalongkorn University ( Please note that iThesis in its current format is designed for Thai students. The version made for international students is being processed.
  • The deadlines for submission announced by Faculty of Engineering for each semester must be strictly observed.
  • An unbound copy of the Complete Thesis, with signatures of all the thesis committee members included, must be submitted to CUSE Office for Dean’s signature at least three working days before the deadline announced by the Faculty of Engineering. The printout must only be done via the iThesis web portal so that the thesis barcode will be automatically included in the thesis front page. Note that it is the duty of the student to gather the thesis committee signatures in time for CUSE Office submission.
  • Once the copy of the Complete Thesis with Dean’s signature is returned to CUSE Office, the student should have two photocopies made, one red hard bound copy.