CUSE (Chula Systems Engineering) offers a unique postgraduate dual-degree programme which is designed primarily to develop professional managers, engineers or scientists for employment in the industry and business sectors. It leads to the degree of Master of Engineering in Engineering Management awarded by Chulalongkorn University and any of the three options of Master of Science degree awarded by the University of Warwick, namely Engineering Business Management, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, and Service Management and Design.

The dual M.Eng/M.Sc. degrees are designed to develop professional managers, engineers or scientists for employment in the manufacturing and business sectors.  At CUSE, we believe that manufacturing should be regarded as an integrated operation including all stages from marketing to design and production and through to final assembly together with the control and management of these processes. The integration is now possible by the effective use of both information and modern evaluation and control techniques in various business and manufacturing processes which utilise advanced technology.

On completion of the course the graduates should:

  1. Understand the key role which information plays in the operations and control of business, management, manufacturing and distribution systems.
  2. Be aware of the current capabilities of computer aided techniques in all areas of a company’s business.
  3. Appreciate the importance of quality and reliability across the complete spectrum of activities associated with business and technology, including the significance of total quality management.
  4. Have an understanding of the technical, financial, organisational and human factors involved in business.
  5. Be able to analyse problems and synthesise solutions for manufacturing and operational problems, through a wide range of case studies.
  6. Be familiar with the system approach to problem-solving and implement business and manufacturing systems using advanced techniques and strategies.

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Course Characteristics

Courses are modular, which allows participants flexibility to design their own study programmes that best suits their own needs. Each module is conducted over a period of five days – Saturday, Sunday, and then Friday, Saturday, Sunday of the following week. It consists of 40 hours of intensive lectures, tutorials, seminar, case studies, or laboratory activities. Participants are required to attend 12 modules and undertake an industrial-oriented project (dissertation) for the degree. The program must be completed within one a half years for full-time enrollment, or three years for part-time.

Academic staff from both Warwick Manufacturing Group and Chulalongkorn University contributes to teaching in the programme. The Master of Engineering award is granted by Chulalongkorn University and the Master of Science award is granted, concurrently, by the University of Warwick providing truly international credibility. Currently, the University of Warwick also runs the same or similar programme in the UK, China, Hong Kong, India, Cyprus, Malaysia and Singapore. Students may take up to two modules at those places and have their credits transferred to the programme at Chulalongkorn University.